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Hitachi Hokudai Lab. and Hokkaido University Contest 2020 “Future Autonomous Distributed City Development" Awards Ceremony

Details of Winning Algorithms toward Construction of Regional Energy Systems to be Presented at the Lunch Session of the 83rd National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan

The Hitachi Hokkaido University Laboratory (Hitachi Hokudai Lab.) established on the campus of Hokkaido University is collaborating with Hokkaido University and other stakeholders in the research and development of solutions to societal issues such as the shrinking population, declining birthrate, and aging population in Hokkaido.
To accelerate research through the sharing of societal issues that need solving and the use of open innovation, Hitachi Hokudai Lab. and Hokkaido University held a marathon-type programming contest (Future Autonomous Distributed City Development). This contest was a cloud-based event held for one month under the themes of stabilizing the power supply consisting of small, distributed grids integrated with electric vehicles and optimizing human/goods transport with the aim of achieving a sustainable low-carbon society and making the region more accessible and convenient. The number of registered participants came to more than 1,700 from regions throughout the world and more than 200 programs were submitted. The award ceremony will be held online during the lunch session of the 83rd National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ). It will introduce the background to the contest, explain the problems posed, present awards to the top winners, and conclude with commemorative lectures by those winners.

Date and time:
March 19, 2021 (Friday) 11:30 – 12:40 JST
Venue   :
Online event (lunch session of the 83rd National Convention of IPSJ)
(Japanese/English simultaneous interpretation available)
  1. Introduction, background description
  2. Hokkaido power situation, initiatives toward creation of new power services (provisional)
  3. Explanation of problems
  4. Presentation of awards
  5. Commemorative lectures by top winners
      ・Problem A 1st Place: Wladimir Leite
      ・Problem B 1st Place: Astashkin Gleb
      ・Problem A 2nd Place: Ryo Tokunaga
      ・Problem B 3rd Place: Shuji Yamada
  6. Conclusion

Registration for participation

Please participate in the award ceremony from the following link.
* No charge for participating

Please visit the following website for more information on the award ceremony.[Japanese only]
We look forward to your participation.

*Marathon-type programming contest:
A programming contest whose period for submitting the source code for a problem solution extends over a number of days. This contest was held for a period of one month.

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