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Hitachi Hokudai Lab. and Hokkaido University Contest 2022 "Future Autonomous Distributed City Development" Awards Ceremony

Details of Winning Algorithms toward Construction of Agricultural Asset-sharing Platform to be Presented at the Lunch Seminar of the 85th National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)

The Hitachi Hokkaido University Laboratory (Hitachi Hokudai Lab.) established on the campus of Hokkaido University is collaborating with Hokkaido University and other stakeholders in the research and development of solutions to societal issues such as the shrinking population, declining birthrate, and aging population in Hokkaido. Also, to realize a sustainable local community, Hitachi Hokudai Lab. is promoting community development that coexists with health, agriculture, food, and energy. This time, Hitachi Hokudai Lab. and Hokkaido University held a marathon-type programming contest (Future Autonomous Distributed City Development). This contest was held on the cloud for one month with the theme of algorithms for optimization problems (spatio-temporal optimization problems) involving multiple complex factors (e.g., working time, movement of farm machinery, and appropriate work timing) that seek practical solutions to improve work planning efficiency for agricultural machinery sharing and other applications. More than 1400 participants registered from all over the world, and more than 190 answer programs were submitted. We will explain the background of this contest, problems, and the commemorative lectures will be given at the Lunch Seminar of 85th National Convention of IPSJ.

Date and time:
March 3, 2023 (Fri.) 11:40-12:30 (JST)
The University of Electro-Communications [hybrid] (lunch seminar of the 85th National Convention of IPSJ)
Japanese/English simultaneous interpretation available
  1. Introduction, background description
  2. Explanation of problems
  3. Presentation of awards
  4. Commemorative lectures by top winners
    • Problem A 1st Place: Tomotaka Obata
    • Problem B 1st Place: Wladimir Leite
    • Problem B 2nd Place: Shuichi Tamayose
  5. Closing remarks

How to register:

Please register from following (Japanese only),
Registration is free.

You can also directly participate from the link below on the day of ceremony award.

Please visit the following website for more information on the awards ceremony (Japanese only)

We look forward to your participation.

Original T-shirt and sticker of the contest:

Original T-shirt and sticker of the contest

*Marathon-type programming contest: A programming contest whose period for submitting the source code for a problem solution extends over a number of days. This contest was held for a period of one month.

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