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September 17, 2014


Hitachi India Developed a Technology to Extract Precisely Designated Information from Electronic Medical Records

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Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd. and Hitachi, Ltd. today announced that they have developed a technology to extract precisely designated information from electronic medical records with International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad ("IIIT-H"). To apply the technology makes it possible to analyze electronic medical records including various mixed-forms such as free-form texts written by doctors or laboratory data written in given formats. It is expected that more advanced medical services will be realized by that, such as prediction of the incidence rates of disease in the future.

Hitachi India, Hitachi and IIIT-H won 1st prize with an extraction precision of 86.8% in CLEF e-Health 2014 Task2, a technical competition on medical information extraction, which was held by a European research forum CLEF from Jan. to May 2014.

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