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July 22, 2015


Hitachi Developed Basic Artificial Intelligence Technology that Enables Logical Dialogue

Release Digest

Hitachi, Ltd. today announced that it has developed a technology that analyzes huge volumes of text data on issues that are subject to debate, and presents reasons and grounds for either affirmative or negative opinions on those issues in English. This technology focuses on values such as health, economics and public safety, which are considered important to people and communities when expressing opinions, and uses correlations between those various values and relevant issues in the society to identify reasons and grounds with a high degree of reliability from among large volumes of news articles. By using multiple viewpoints, it is able to present reasons and grounds without bias toward a single perspective.

This is a basic technology that will contribute to artificial intelligence enabling logical dialogue between humans and computers. The technology could be applied to future systems to analyze contents of company documents, published reports or electronic medical records, in order to form opinions and generate data to support decision making.

Process of forming reasons and grounds

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