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August 25, 2015


Control technology for mobile dual-arm robot for autonomous warehouse operation

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Hitachi, Ltd., with the cooperation of Hitachi Transport System, Ltd., has developed control technology for an autonomous mobile dual-arm robot enabling the robot to move to the shelf where an ordered item is stored, pick it up and place it into a box, with view to providing an automated warehouse solution. Using this control technology, it will become possible to conduct order picking tasks in the same way as human operators, such as starting arm motion with locating a target item while moving, and coordinating the two arms to handle an item that cannot be picked up by one arm. It is expected that robots equipped with this technology will be contribute efficient and reliable operation in warehouses that store a diverse range of products in small volume which currently relies on human handlers.

This development was conducted as part of joint research and development being undertaken with Hitachi Transport System for warehouses of the future. Hitachi will continue with practical application of this robotics technology as well as contributing to innovation in logistics business.

Prototype autonomous mobile dual-arm robot for testing the control technology developed

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