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September 4, 2015


Development of Artificial Intelligence issuing work orders based on understanding of on-site kaizen activity and demand fluctuation

Release Digest

Hitachi, Ltd. announced today, the development of artificial intelligence technology (henceforth, AI) which provides appropriate work orders based on an understanding of demand fluctuation and on-site kaizen activity derived from big data accumulated daily in corporate business systems, and its verification in logistics tasks by improving efficiency by 8%. By integrating the AI into business systems, it may become possible to realize efficient operations in a diverse range of areas through human and AI cooperation.

In addition to logistics, Hitachi intends to apply the AI to various other areas such as finance, transport, manufacturing, healthcare, public works, and distribution, in order to contribute to business operations which can respond flexibly to changes society in an efficient manner.

Simulation results using the AI technology developed on productivity

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