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October 27, 2015


Hitachi Developed Technology which Accurately Measures Human Behavior and Estimates Attributes in Real Time

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Hitachi, Ltd., today announced that it has developed a technology which can accurately measure human behavior and estimate attributes(characteristics) in real time. By analyzing 3D data obtained from a stereo camera, human behavior can be measured accurately, in real time, even in a crowded space, which used to be difficult with 2D image data from conventional surveillance cameras. Additionally, by analyzing 3D data of the shapes of people and the objects around them, accessory objects such as baby strollers and wheelchairs for example, can be identified. By using this data, the each person's attribute of their owners - for example, a guest with his/her child or an elderly person who needs assistance - can also be estimated. The new technology can be applied to a variety of fields such as marketing to provide services depending on the behavior and attributes of people in commercial facilities, offices, event halls, and other spaces.

Estimation of attributes by analyzing 3D data obtained from a stereo camera and examples of services

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