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April 8, 2016


Humanoid Robot "EMIEW3" and Robotics IT Platform for Customer Services

Release Digest

Hitachi, Ltd. today announced the development of "EMIEW3," a humanoid robot, and its "remote brain" robotics IT platform. EMIEW3, capable of autonomously approaching customers requiring assistance, was developed to provide necessary services and guidance in stores and public facilities. Enhanced by the "remote brain" consisting of a robotics IT platform connected to cloud-based intelligent processing systems and a remote operation system to monitor and control multiple robots at various locations, EMIEW3 is able to provide high quality services. Using the EMIEW3, robotics IT platform, and 'developers/operators' package, Hitachi together with customers, will commence proof-of-concept (PoC) on new robot services for various situations and environments.

To realize practical robot services that will contribute to the advancement of society and business, Hitachi will employ processes such as Hitachi's original collaborative creation method, NEXPERIENCE, sharing customer challenges and creating solutions together with customers, and open innovation with partners worldwide.


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