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June 20, 2016


Establishment of the "Hitachi The University of Tokyo Laboratory"

Release Digest

The University of Tokyo and Hitachi, Ltd. today announced the establishment of "Hitachi The University of Tokyo Laboratory" within the grounds of the University on June 20, 2016, to co-create and share visions towards realizing the "Super Smart Society"*1 (Society 5.0*2) proposed by the Japanese government. The Laboratory will co-create visions that achieve both solutions to issues in society and economic development, by leading innovative changes in society and creating new value for the prosperity of society.

As well as proposing the co-created visions, the Laboratory will pursue joint research in a broad range of areas beginning with the project "Realization of a comfortable, healthy and safe society leveraging intelligence of living systems" which is already underway. Further, information on the joint projects as well as their achievements will be actively shared with society through various channels including open forums.

Super Smart Society: A society which can attend in detail to the various needs of society by providing necessary items or services to the people who require them, when they are required, in the amount required, thus enabling its citizens to live an active and comfortable life through high quality services regardless of difference in age, sex, region and language, etc.
Society 5.0: Activities related to the realization of a shared vision for a "Super Smart Society" where the cyber space and the real world (physical space) are intricately connected. The naming describes a new type of society that will be led by innovations in science and technology, following on from hunter-gatherer, pastoral-agrarian, industrial and information.
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