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October 15, 2018


Kokubunji City and the Research & Development Group of Hitachi, Ltd. enter a comprehensive partnership agreement to invigorate the local community by creating innovation

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Image of the fun app for residents to participate in community activities

Kokubunji City and Hitachi Research & Development Group today signed a comprehensive partnership agreement to invigorate the local community through innovation creation. Based on this agreement, both parties have launched a project under the theme "connecting the community" to explore future societal systems that support the sustainable development of local communities with technology, design and resident participation.

In 2017, Kokubunji City drafted a comprehensive plan, "Kokubunji City Comprehensive Vision," and is executing initiatives in many areas such as community invigoration, welfare, and environment, to realize this Vision. At the same time, to accelerate innovation to resolve challenges in society, Hitachi Research & Development Group will be opening a new research facility in March 2019 under the concept of "Collaboration Forest" within its Central Research Laboratory located in Kokubunji. Through this new partnership, both parties, with the cooperation of residents, will address the development of a human-centric city to raise the quality of life (QOL) for residents and resolve challenges in the community.

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