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Internship Description

Internship for AI Researcher

Internship Openings
Research Topics:

Media (image, audio, language, sensor data, and so on) processing, recognition, analysis and utilization. Audio and video recognition, machine Learning, human behavior analysis, human machine interaction, natural language processing, Advanced AI and industrial robotics for digital transformation in the areas of manufacturing, finance, and public sector, etc. (Mathematical analysis and machine learning of IoT data, Modeling and simulation technology, Object recognition for industrial robots, Swarm control, and their applications)

Required Qualifications:

Doctoral course/Master course Diploma

Preferred Skills/ Knowledge:

Knowledge of AI, media analytics technologies.
Knowledge of up-to-date programming


At least 3 months (To be discussed with hiring manager and prospective intern)


Monthly Allowance
Staff Dormitory (for interns living out of Tokyo, Japan)


Tokyo, Japan (Hitachi, Central Research Laboratory)