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Research & Development
This era that we are living in is often described as being characterised by VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The wave of digitalisation is gaining momentum accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. As more and more data from the real world becomes available, the challenge or question will be how we handle that data and what we do with it, and issues such as trust, security and equity will top the agenda. But to understand what we can do, or hope to do with the data for the benefit of society, we can look to AI/analytics for insights to design technology and solutions for a brighter future.

In kicking off this new series, we first asked our AI/Analytics leaders from around the world for a few words on their role and expectations. Join us in the discussion with thought leaders and key stakeholders from around the world on insights gained and how this can contribute to powering good.

Chetan GUPTA, PhD

Research & Development Division, Hitachi America, Ltd.

Keeping with Hitachi’s commitment to social responsibility, we are working on human centric AI targeted towards addressing real world industrial and societal challenges.

Wujuan LIN, PhD

Research & Development Center, Hitachi Asia Ltd.

The Real Estate sector is our key area of focus for smart city innovation in Southeast Asia and Australia. We are applying AI to transform the urban space into a human-centric, more liveable and sustainable environment. AI will shape the way people live.

Yuanchen MA

Hitachi (China) Research & Development Corporation

By facilitating digital transformation for industry, elderly nursing, and urban customers with AI+IoT, we are working to contribute to the sustainable development of society in China under its “New Normal.”


European R&D Centre, Hitachi Europe Ltd.

In Europe, our mission is to create economic, social and environmental value through the innovation of future energy, transport and industry solutions using advanced data science, analytics. We look forward to the discussion.


Research & Development Centre, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

AI technology is at the forefront of evolution, breaking new barriers. It gives us immense pride to contribute to society in India by focusing in areas such as digital payments, smart city and Digital India initiatives. Working closely with the global R&D team, we will improve the quality of life and empower society and its citizens. I wish everyone safety and good health in this time of crisis.

Tatsuhiko KAGEHIRO, PhD

Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

This year, we established the Lumada Data Science Laboratory to facilitate the implementation of our AI technologies into services and solutions provided by Hitachi business units worldwide. Through Kyōsō-no-Mori, we look forward to working with partners and customers to Power Good through AI/Analytics!

(Published 22 June 2020)