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Hitachi Crypto Technology

What's New!

14 Dec. 2001
  • The revised specification [pdf] and update note [txt] uploaded
11 Oct. 2001
  • The MUGI site launched.

Technical Reports

CRYPTREC submission documents

  • MUGI Pseudorandom Number Generator, Specification [pdf(closed)] Revised specification [PDF, 129 kBytes]
  • MUGI Pseudorandom Number Generator, Self-evaluation Report [PDF, 201 kBytes]


  • D. Watanabe, S. Furuya, K. Takaragi, ``The design of key stream generator using F-function of a block cipher," SCIS 2001-6A-4, 2001 (in Japanese).
  • D. Watanabe, S. Furuya, Y. Seto, K. Takaragi, ``A Keystream Generator Suitable for Software Implementation," ISEC 2001-8, 2001 (in Japanese).
  • D. Watanabe, S. Furuya, Y. Seto, K. Takaragi, ``The correlation of the output sequence generated by PANAMA-like keystream generator," ISEC 2001-57, 2001(in Japanese).


  1. the original specification document contains wrong test vector values. We published the revised version [pdf]. We are sorry for your incovenience regarding to this error. Please refer to the revision history for details [txt]
  2. in the specification docuement [pdf] and the self-evaluation report [pdf], we corrected the description for the AND-operation symbol, wedge, and an example for GF(2) addition. For more detail, please refer to the revision history [txt]. Thank you.