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Hitachi Review

Hitachi Review is a technical journal filled with articles about the technologies being developed by the Hitachi Group and the products, services, and solutions that are based on them. The coverage includes not only Hitachi technologies, but also industry trends and other technical developments associated with the subject of each issue. This website provides access to PDF copies of all articles published since 2000.

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From the Editor

A message to readers from the Editorial Coordinator of each issue expressing the intentions and ideas behind it.

Expert Insights

An essay contributed by an expert or industry leader on the subject covered by the issue. Expert Insights describe major trends or public issues that relate to the subject.


A discussion or interview with key people from inside and outside of Hitachi Group, featuring a vibrant discussion about how Hitachi is addressing public needs and issues.


A report on the subject of the issue giving an overview of things like market and technical trends, and the services and solutions Hitachi supplies.

Featured Articles

Articles about the development of specific technologies and solutions supplied by Hitachi.


Brief introductions about how products and services are used in practice or how they were developed.