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Hitachi Review is a technical journal that reports on Hitachi’s use of innovation to address the challenges facing society.

The business environment is in a state of flux everywhere, becoming ever more complex and diverse. Meanwhile, the emergence of innovative digital technologies is enriching people’s lives while also bringing dramatic advances in productivity.

What is needed, if companies are to deliver value to society in this time of new directions coexisting with uncertainty, is the use of collaborative creation to resolve challenges, devising solutions through dialogue with a wide variety of stakeholders. Hitachi Group is striving to improve people’s QoL and generate social, environmental, and economic value through its Social Innovation Business that utilizes collaborative creation along with digital solutions that incorporate Lumada.

Hitachi Review was first published in 1952 to deepen understanding and trust of Hitachi among its overseas customers, and through the seven decades since then has reported on Hitachi technologies as they have evolved with the times. For the future, the magazine will continue its practice of publishing articles written by engineers and researchers from within the Group, keeping the world informed about the latest technologies and activities of Hitachi in support of social innovation.