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VX Series

The Hitachi Escalator V Series pursues a universal design from a various perspectives.

For example, it features an ergonomically recognized superimposed curve [escort line], so the shape of the hand rail can be naturally held when entering or exiting the escalator (image 1). It also incorporates an [attentive sensor] that detects the walking speed of the user and automatically reduces the operation speed. Considerations for safe use by various users to get on and off the escalator can also be seen in the [variable speed drive system]; that can set the operation speed to an easy to board speed depending on the usage situation.

The four sides of the step tread are colorized by yellow fluorescence so the user can clearly determine their standing position on the steps (image 2), or the distance between steps in the dark. It also features a [gentle slope comb plate] that supports smooth entry and exit. The step boundaries are easy to distinguish because the comb plate color displays the brightness difference in yellow (image 3).

Besides the above mentioned features, there is also an installed electroluminescent device that guides exit and entry. A flashing LED light comb plate signal makes users aware of the entry and exit position (image 4). It considers energy efficiency through an [eco mode] operation that detects the user's conditions and controls the operation speed.

image 1

image 2

image 3

image 4

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