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Experience Design

Design the customer's experiential value.

Since the foundation of the Hitachi Group, we have been conducting activities to achieve our goal of offering society a new sense of technology-centered values. In response to this, the Design Department also has been pursuing the expansion and deepening of human-centered design areas.

We start designs from the idea of knowing people and the stance society should take. We have an insight into human behavior (power of executing human centered design) so we hypothesize the potential expectation people have for the future (power to see the shape of tomorrow) by connecting those factors with progressive technology. Our designs aim to fulfill a role of sharing those effects in easy to understand ways (fostering empathy [power of visualization]). Therefore, our mission is to create [Experience Design] through these strengths.

[Experience Design] is solution design that raises the customer's experiential value through the use of our products and services. In as such, our aim is to have an insight into the customers thought process and behavior that allows us to plan a future good experience for them. This results in the imparting of our values to the customer in easy to understand ways, further fostering a sense of empathy.

Create the customer's experience