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Photo : Seibu Railway Corporation 30000 Series Train [Smile Train]

The new 30000 Series train was developed as a collaboration between the Seibu Rail Corporation and Hitachi. It features an exterior body that has the soft and smooth shape of an egg, while the upper portion features a "head-like" facial expression, giving it the nickname [smile train].

Photo : Seibu Railway Corporation 30000 Series Train [Smile Train]

This train's interior and exterior were uniformly designed to create a good impression for women and child passengers by not being intimidating.

For example, the feeling of pressure passengers experience when boarding the train was reduced by its exterior inflated white body and drum ceiling design. In order to actualize "Yasashisa to Shitashimi-Yasusa" - [a design concept that contains the general meaning of: gentleness and easy of familiarity]; the standing grip straps and the seat's exteriors are curbed, giving them an [egg shape].
In contrast to the base corporate colors of blue and green indicating the area around the priority seats, this design features a strong orange color, providing a contrast so that passengers can identify it at first glance (center right photo). The seat décor features a heartfelt, spirited and fun décor that anyone can look at and want to smile.

It has a crow security guard graphic display at a child eye level, (bottom right photo) It was evaluated for also considering child safety there is a large crow on the rear car intended to give it a sense of openness and protection; with small steps on the home [boarding platform] lower floor it also features an easy to grasp entry/exit side installation. Based on the aforementioned aspects of the design, this train was awarded the 3rd Kids Design Award.