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Popular research topics

1MV Field-Emission Electron Microscope

Research on advanced methods for observation and assessment of the physical properties of materials is being conducted such as the dynamic observation of magnetic vortices in high-temperature super conductors using holography electron microscope, etc.

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Capillary array DNA sequencer

Capillary array DNA sequencer: Genetic information for all forms of life including humans is encoded in DNA, which consists of two elongated strands made up of four kinds of bases, identified by the letters A, C, G and T.

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Brain activity imaging of language cognition in new born infants using Optical Topography

Research to further improve Optical Topography, an original and safe non-invasive technology using near-infra-red light to visualize human brain activity, and development of application technologies, such as new diagnostics for brain diseases, applications in welfare and education, are being pursued.

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At the Hitachi technology exhibition in 1970, the first computer-controlled domestic robot with artificial intelligence was displayed. Since then Hitachi has continued to announce epoch-making advances in technology, the results of which are applied to many commercial products.

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New concept information terminal

In a ubiquitous society where anyone can access information anytime, it is necessary for people to interact more closely with machines.

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Security technology is being developed in response to growing threats in both the physical and cyber environment. Integrated risk analysis is conducted by sensing and monitoring the cyber-physical space to ensure the safety and security of societal infrastructure systems.

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