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Home appliances in the community visualize the spread of virus to change the behavior of residents.

Why can’t we find a cure for the common cold?

Treatments have been developed for severe diseases, so why can’t we find a cure for the common cold?
Wearing a mask, gargling, etc. No matter how careful you are to prevent infection, you cannot completely prevent a cold. On the morning of a special event, the child has caught a cold, and cannot go to school or a day care center, which makes you reluctantly stay home. This is a big concern common to all parents. Isn’t it possible to prevent the spread of a cold in this network era through our collective cooperation?

Air conditioners nationwide that create a cold and flu outbreak map

Air conditioners at schools detect airborne cold and flu viruses in the classroom before an outbreak begins. This service creates a map predicting cold and flu outbreaks using data collected from air conditioners at schools and homes nationwide. By sharing a little information from every household and not just raising attention in the area where the virus is detected, everyone is alerted when an outbreak is imminent.


People monitoring the map to adjust their behavior accordingly

By seeing the map that predicts an outbreak, companies in the community take countermeasures.
A grocery store sells ginger that is effective to prevent colds, thereby allowing citizens to voluntarily choose an action to “purchase.” At schools, nutritionists add yogurt to the lunch menu to boost children’s immunity?a service through which residents passively alter their behavior.
When the entire community makes a move, local citizens raise their awareness to prevent colds.


Home appliances protecting the family from viruses

A family provides data via the air conditioner installed at home, and receives suggestions for fighting colds in return.
At home, a washing machine uses hot water for laundry to eradicate viruses. The air purifier provides ventilation and raises the room humidity level to protect the family against viruses. Responding to the suggestions as an action of home appliances will directly change the life of residents.


Supplements delivered in individual doses to be taken that day

Along with the trend of outbreaks provided by the map and information from every household, individually customized services will be provided by several companies.
For example, pharmaceutical companies partnering with the outbreak prediction map service deliver one-day doses of supplements that are effective at boosting the body’s immunity for all family members in the area facing an outbreak. People often don’t buy supplements that come in bottles because they don’t finish taking them, but when delivered in individual doses, the supplements are easier to take. This is how technologies take action to prevent the outbreak of colds for an entire community.