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Controlling the amount of possessions + decluttering + borrowing and lending = comfortable life in a small house

Moving made difficult by too many possessions in the house

“A couple bought a house large enough for the family, purchased many things for the children, and then led a happy life. After 30 years passed, the children left home to start life on their own, leaving the old parents in a large suburban large house that has become cluttered.”
More and more elderly couples are experiencing a similar situation. They consider it convenient and comfortable to live near a train station for shopping and transportation. However, moving to a small house is apparently difficult when one has too many possessions. How can this old couple get rid of excessive possessions, and lead a simpler life?

No longer having to search for things

Just replacing one of the room lights in each room with a room camera helps you easily find anything in your house, ranging from keys and your wallet to a handmade present given you by a grandchild a year ago. As the room cameras constantly show where everything in your house is located, you can simply ask a room camera, and it tells you “Here it is.” You feel like you have less to worry about at home.


Gradually achieving a more spacious home

Room cameras catalog everything in the home. The catalog shown on the monitor helps you to organize things in mind, and makes it easy to unclutter the house. After repeating such uncluttering, you will be able to access such new services as a luggage room and sharing service that helps you put away things from home. As your possessions gradually decrease, your home gradually becomes more spacious.


Transformation of the living room

For example, when your daughter brings your grandchild for a visit, the room camera reads the memo you wrote in the calendar, and the catalog recommends exactly what your little one needs. You will simply order desired items in the list to a neighborhood sharing service. “Oh, that’s from my long-time neighbor Tanaka who lent us this air purifier. It’s been since our daughter finished junior high.” This may trigger talks about old times.
The service operator delivers a well-maintained air purifier, along with a baby chair. After your daughter leaves home, you return the items and revert your house to its original arrangement on the next day. Through the experience of moving things and transforming the role of a room, an old couple may want to start new things, such as playing the drums by borrowing a drum set.


New trend of moving to a house of a size suitable for one’s present lifestyle

“With this kind of lifestyle, the couple could move into a one-bedroom condominium close to the train station, where maintenance and transportation are easy and convenient.” Realizing the possibility of a fulfilled life with minimal possessions, a couple may decide to move to a small, convenient condominium close to the train station. They rent out their house to a young family and use the rental income to rent a small home in order to start a new life. As more old couples make such a decision, the entire community may experience a new trend of moving to a house of a size suitable for one’s present lifestyle.