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Leave your worry about dietary restrictions to the machine.

Feeling guilty when making someone worry about my dietary restrictions

In a society where people more frequently change where they live, socialization is as important as ever, and you will have more than a few chances to dine out with friends. However, this causes a serious problem for people with dietary restrictions due to allergy or calorie restrictions. For example, when you dine out with friends in a new community, as you stick to your dietary restrictions, your friends may worry about it. Then, how can you enjoy mealtime reassuringly while enjoying communication with other people?

Protecting yourself and possibly making mealtime with other people less enjoyable

It is quite common for a child to visit a friend and for senior citizens to enjoy lunch with neighbor friends. You may think twice before going out if you or your family has dietary restrictions.
Technological advances will make it much easier to protect yourself by adopting a cooking method to eliminate allergens and restrict calorie intake. Such technologies are necessary for making people with dietary restrictions and those who serve meals feel secure.
However, even if technology protects personal safety, it cannot solve problems at mealtime as a way of communication.


Relaxing and enjoying meals whether at home or away

How about using a meal pass that can easily indicate your dietary restrictions? A person receives the information via a meal pass, and simply arranges cooking methods by using an appropriate appliance.
A meal pass will allow you to enjoy meals at a nearby fast-food restaurant with friends every day. Such technologies will be more welcomed by a nearby restaurant that you frequent every day than by a “dedicated restaurant.”

Meal preparation for the family

A child enjoys cooking and prepares meals for the family……such a happy family setting may be realized even in a family where each member has different dietary restrictions. A meal pass allows you to leave meal preparation to the appliance that prepares meals meeting the dietary restrictions of family members.
Select a menu and the 3D printer “prints” the meals with necessary arrangements. It prepares all different kinds of meals, such as meat pate and pizza that look the same but are made of different ingredients suitable for each person. All you have to do is bake it.


Allowing you to enjoy mealtime as usual

When home cooking appliances and catering services adopt the meal pass, you can invite new friends to a home party and easily prepare a meal that everyone can enjoy. The safety of the food we eat is protected in the meal for a fun get-together.