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Research Areas

Hitachi will establish a global structure that promotes R&D from the customer's perspective,
and it will identify issues along with the customers.
We will contribute to solving complicated social challenges throughout the world by providing innovative solutions.

Collaborative creation

The challenges facing society and markets are becoming increasingly uncertain and complex with the continuing trend towards greater globalization and more advanced technology. To understand these challenges and deliver beneficial innovations for society, it is important for the Hitachi Group, applying its wide range of product, technology, and resources, to collaborate with customers in creating solutions by sharing anticipated challenges and visions of the future. Hitachi's collaborative creation is an organization that aims to provide solutions by tackling challenges with customers from their perspectives. This approach leads to the customer-driven innovation model which lies at the heart of Social Innovation Business.
Hitachi is using its unique service design and ethnographic research methodology to share challenges, establish visions, and develop solutions with customers. Designers and researchers are working together as one team to create new concepts and design prototypes and demonstrations in visualizing those concepts in order to rapidly deliver a solution to the market.

Technology innovation

In our history of over a century of product development, Hitachi has continued to innovate technology in its pursuit of higher performance and reliability that our customers expect. This technology and know-how has been aggregated in the Research and Development Group, and spans nine fields of technology expertise: Energy, Electronics, Mechanical engineering, Materials, Systems engineering, Information and Telecommunications, Controls, Production engineering, and Healthcare.
This rich and diverse technology pool has been further specialized into 36 technology platforms. Innovative products and services are generated by moving beyond the boundaries of individual products to flexibly employ the beneficial technology in realizing novel ideas derived from addressing challenges faced by customers.

Exploratory research

Research based on innovative vision is necessary for our customers and for society to continue to grow. This research needs to address not only challenges apparent in society today but pre-empt those which may emerge in the future. That is why we are pursuing research with the mission of "pioneering new frontiers through vision-driven exploratory research".
To solve future challenges, it is imperative that Hitachi shares visions with society and co-creates through open innovation. By making available Hitachi's advanced research facilities and technologies, we connect with research partners worldwide to formulate visions and work together for the future. We are also actively involved in national projects and consortia. We are challenging new innovation for future society based on the achievements from open innovation.