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List of securities companies' analysts who make recommendations and provide regular research reports on the Hitachi's businesses, performance, etc.

As of July 1, 2021
In alphabetical order of company names

Company Name Analyst Name
BofA Securities Japan Mikio Hirakawa
Citigroup Global Markets Japan Kota Ezawa
CLSA Securities Japan Leonne Chen
Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Hideyuki Maekawa
Daiwa Securities Junji Okawa
Goldman Sachs (Japan) Yuichiro Isayama, Ryo Harada
IwaiCosmo Securities Hiroyasu Nishikawa
Jefferies (Japan) Bolor Enkhbaatar
JPMorgan Securities Japan Junya Ayada
Macquarie Capital Securities (Japan) Damian Thong
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Takeshi Ishizuka
Mizuho Securities Takeshi Tanaka
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Yoshinao Ibara
Nomura Securities Masaya Yamasaki
SMBC Nikko Securities Kazutaka Yoshizumi
Tokai Tokyo Research Institute Masahiko Ishino
UBS Securities Japan Kenji Yasui
The lists above are based on the information available to Hitachi as of the publication and include only the information of those who have consented to being listed. Therefore, please note it is possible that there are other analysts who make an analysis on Hitachi, and that the table does not always show the most updated list of the analysts who cover Hitachi.
Analysts analyze and forecast performance, strategies and other aspects of Hitachi based on their independent judgment. Hitachi is not involved in any part of this process.
The lists are prepared solely for investors to provide information on analysts in charge of Hitachi. These should not be construed as an offer to sell or for solicitation to buy shares of Hitachi.
Hitachi does not support or guarantee any forecasts, opinions or recommendations by these analysts.
If you actually intend to trade stock, please make such stock traded in accordance with your own judgment.