News Release

December 16, 1997
Hitachi and Netscape to Collaborate on Intranet and Extranet Solutions Based On LDAP Standard for Internet Directories

Hitachi and Thomson to Jointly Develop HDTV

December 4, 1997
Hitachi to release Flora Net Terminal Set

November 27, 1997
Hitachi, Ltd. and Subsidiaries Consolidated Financial Statements for the Half Year Ended Sept. 30, '97

November 25, 1997
Hitachi Releases SH7612 SH-DSP with On-Chip Cache Memory For Multimedia Equipment

November 20, 1997
Hitachi Releases the Industry's Highest Density 45-Mbyte CompactFlashTM Small Flash Card and 150-Mbyte PC-ATA Card

November 19, 1997
Hitachi Releases New MPEG Camera with Enhanced Presentations Features

November 18, 1997
Hitachi and NTT Electronics Agree to Joint Development of Low Power Version 32-bit SH-3 RISC Microprocessor Core

November 17, 1997
Hitachi Develops Direct-write EB Lithography System for Volume Fabrication Applications Offering Major Boost in Throughput

November 10, 1997
Hitachi Releases the SH-4 SH7750 Series, Offering Industry's Highest Performance of 360 MIPS for an Embedded RISC Processor, as Top-End Series in SuperH Family

November 5, 1997
Hitachi to License SH-3 CPU Core to Seiko Epson

November 4, 1997
Hitachi to Release 2-D Graphics Renderer Chip for the SuperH Family

Hard Disk Drive Magnetic Head Technology Agreement

October 29, 1997
Hitachi, Ltd. Unconsolidated Financial Statements for the Half Year Ended Sep. 30, '97

October 23, 1997

October 13, 1997
Hitachi to Launch Ultra-thin Contactless IC Card Just 0.25 mm Thick

October 8, 1997
Hitachi to Release High-end 9000V Series UNIX Server

October 2, 1997
Hitachi Releases HG74C Series 0.25-micrometers ASIC High Integration Density Cell-Based ICs

October 1, 1997
Hitachi Develops XGA-compatible 41-inch Color Plasma Display for Business Applications

Revised Business Forecast for Fiscal 1997

September 29, 1997
Inauguration of Electronic Certification Service Company Backed by 49 Companies, New Firm Starts Operations Oct. 1

Hitachi and Legend Group to Cooperate in the PC Business for Chinese Market

September 24, 1997
Hitachi Releases 100 MIPS SH7708R and SH7718R as Top-End Models in 32-Bit SH-3 RISC Microprocessor Series

September 11, 1997
Hitachi Adding New Entry Models M Parallel Series Mainframe Computers

September 9, 1997
Hitachi Releases a High-Resolution TFT Driver Set for Multi-Scan Monitors


September 8, 1997
SECE Study Group Formulates Protocol For Banking Transactions

August 27, 1997
Shipment of Samples of Japan's First 25-inch XGA Color Plasma Display Set to Start

August 21, 1997
Hitachi Releases Single-Chip LCD Controller With On-Chip Bitmap RAM for Use in Portable Information Equipment

July 30, 1997
Hitachi's New Software Platform Products and Solutions Link Enterprise Information Systems

July 15, 1997
Hitachi to Release the HG73M Series of ASICs that Integrate High Speed Logic and a High Density DRAM on the Same Chip

July 10, 1997
Team Develops World's First Light-based Procedure for Examining Epileptic Brain Sites

July 7, 1997
Establishing Distributed Object Promotion Group

July 3, 1997
Team Develops Non-invasive Procedure for Examining Fetal Heart

June 30, 1997
Self-contained "Progressive LSI" Developed by Hitachi for High Picture Quality Signal Conversion

June 19, 1997
Hitachi to Release a Chip Set of the SH7709 Top-of-the-Line SH-3 (SH 7700 Series) 32-bit RISC Microprocessor

June 17, 1997
Hitachi and Cambridge University Announce Collaboration in Communications Systems Research

Japan's First Business Media Services for Intercorporate EC transactions

June 11, 1997
Hitachi to Release the SH7044F and SH7045F High-Performance 32-Bit RISC Microcontrollers

GMD and Hitachi to Cooperate in Information Technology Research and Development

June 2, 1997
Hitachi to Release 30-MB " CompactFlash(TM)" Miniature Flash Memory Card, and 15-MB and 8-MB CompactFlash(TM) Cards

May 29, 1997
Hitachi, Ltd. and Subsidiaries Consolidated Financial Statements for the Year Ended March 31, 1997

May 16, 1997
Hitachi to Join a Consortium to Launch Open Multi-application Smartcard Platform

May 13, 1997
Hitachi Expands Lineup of M Parallel Series of Mainframe Computers

May 8, 1997
Hitachi Releases H-6592/6595 Disk Array Subsystem Links with Open Systems for Multi-platform Applications

April 25, 1997
Scheduled Changes to the Board of Directors of Hitachi, Ltd.

April 23, 1997
Hitachi to Ship Samples of World's First DVD-RAM Drive

April 14, 1997
Hitachi to Market an Ultrahigh-precision Multi-scanning Color Display, CM751, with a 19-inch(18V) Screen, the World's First of This Size

April 9, 1997
Hitachi to Release Two LCD Driver Chip Sets Offering Low Power Consumption for Portable Information Devices

March 25, 1997
Hitachi to Release the H8S/2134F and H8S/2144F16-bit Microcontrollers

March 17, 1997
Hitachi Releases the 125 MHz 8M-Bit Synchronous Graphic RAM

March 12, 1997
Hitachi Releases Super Clear Color LCD Capable of Displaying Moving Images

March 6, 1997
Hitachi Releases SH7410 as the First Product of SH-DSP Combining 32-Bit RISC Microcomputer and DSP

March 5, 1997
Hitachi Releases Disk Array for Open Systems in Japan

March 3, 1997
Hitachi Ships Samples of Industry's First 2x DVD-ROM Drive

February 27, 1997
Hitachi Develops Superconducting Generator with World's Largest Capacity

February 17, 1997
Hitachi Releases HD155101F Single-Chip RF Block
Signal-Processing IC for Use with GSM and EGSM
Digital Cellular Telephone Standards

February 13, 1997
Hitachi Releases 4-Mbit Synchronous Fast SRAM
Products for SPARC(TM) Processor Secondary
Cache Memories

February 4, 1997
Hitachi, Mitsubishi and TI Join in Development of
1-gigabit DRAMs

January 27, 1997
Hitachi Introduces World's First MPEG Camera in Japan

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