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Elevators, Escalators

Vice President and Executive Officer, CEO of Building Systems Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.

We will continue to contribute to a sustainable society through providing new value for people, building systems, and society.

We have been operating a building systems business for about 100 years since we started research and development of elevators in the 1920s. Pioneering the use of digital technology, a strength of the Hitachi Group, we provide solutions that support safe, secure and comfortable urban lives around the world, including reliable elevators and escalators, and high-quality remote monitoring and maintenance services.

We now live in an era of uncertainty in which the future is totally unpredictable following the worldwide spread of COVID-19 and other events. Many different social issues have emerged and customers' needs are changing in complicated manners. The building-related sector also needs to address the New Normal, such as workstyle reforms including encouragement of remote working and response to growing needs for high value-added buildings following changes in office demand. The climate change heightens interests in enhancement in resilience to disasters and green solutions for building energy management and net zero energy building (ZEB) with a view to carbon neutrality.

We completely renovated our Control Center in May 2022. It is a system and facility that plays a central role in remote monitoring and preventive maintenance services for elevators and other equipment in buildings. Accordingly, the lineup of services and their quality were massively improved. Taking full advantage of our position as a building solution provider unique to the Hitachi Group, we will offer remote monitoring and maintenance services based on IoT, AI and other digital technologies as well as smart building solutions including a building IoT solution and a worker solution. In so doing, we will be working to resolve social issues related to the environment and the New Normal.

Vice President and Executive Officer,
CEO of Building Systems Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.

Shinya Mitsudomi