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Vice President and Executive Officer, CEO of Building Systems Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.

We will continue to contribute to a sustainable society through providing new value for people, building systems, and society.

Since we started research and development of elevators in the 1920s, we have been a member of the Hitachi Group dedicated to establishing a safe, secure and comfortable society. This commitment has been realized through the provision of high-quality products and services supporting many aspects of buildings, including elevators, escalators, air conditioning systems and an array of building equipment and solutions.

In recent years, diverse social challenges and needs have emerged against the backdrop of a dynamic shift in economic conditions, including soaring raw materials costs, increases in labor costs, and the pressing issue of climate change due to global warming. In the field of building, there is growing interest in the creation of new value centered around changing office demand, more efficient building management, enhanced disaster resilience and green (environmentally friendly) initiatives, such as the net zero energy building (ZEB) initiative, to achieve carbon neutrality.

We continuouselly and globally provide maintenance services utilizing digital technologies for approximately 900,000 building facilities based on our more than 2,000 offices. By leveraging these strengths, we provide digital solutions tailored to the size and use of buildings to make them smarter and greener. In 2022, we completely renovated our Control Center, the cornerstone of our remote monitoring and preventive maintenance services for elevators and other building equipment. Accordingly, the lineup of services and their quality were massively improved.. Leveraging our unique position as a building solutions provider within the Hitachi Group, we actively engage in collaborative creation with our customers to address their challenges, providing green and smart building solutions that utilize our expertise in various products and cutting-edge digital technologies.

We will continue to leverage the transformative drivers of digital, green and connective to expand our social innovation initiatives, contributing to a sustainable society and supporting the well-being of people.

Vice President and Executive Officer,
CEO of Building Systems Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.

Noriharu Amiya