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Hitachi pursues technical development for greater safety and comfort in elevators and escalators, in order to provide new value for people, building systems, and society. These are interviews with engineers about Hitachi’s pioneering efforts.

Control the Flow of People and Add
New Value to Buildings

As buildings become taller and security more advanced the needs of people diversify and their flow through buildings becomes more complex. "Elevators are an artery for vertical travel through buildings, and their congestion has been a big barrier in the implementing smart buildings. To solve the problem, Hitachi developed the People Flow Simulator to predict the mutual influence between users and elevators and simulate using computer graphics people's movement in the building.

Developing the World’s Fastest Elevator

In ultra-high-speed elevators, various problems emerge which were not issues before, such as vibration and noise caused by air resistance and tiny bumps in guide rails. Let’s take a look at how Hitachi divided these issues into the three themes of drive performance, safety, and comfort, and developed technologies to achieve the world’s fastest speeds.


Drive Performance

Drive and Control Technologies to Produce the World’s Fastest Speeds



Unprecedented Technology Takes Ride Quality into the Highest Class



The Safety Systems that Support the World’s Fastest Speed Without Worry

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The Ultra-high speed Elevators 1260 m/min Hitachi's ultra-high speed elevator, which has been delivered to Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, a skyscraper complex building in Guangzhou, China, achieved a world record-breaking* speed of 1,260 m/min (75.6km/h) * Hitachi internal data as of September, 2020 Advanced Technologies