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To Make the Children Smile

To Make the Children Smile

We recognize that social contribution is a pillar of corporate activities, and we adapt our activities to meet local needs through dialog with each community. We respect each and every employee’s voluntary social contribution activities, and we work to make them more effective through synergy with company activities. We strive, through our social contribution activities, to achieve a truly affluent society.

Running Safer Ridership Classes

For many years, we have been running educational activities at our offices in Japan and overseas, to enable people to use convenient elevators and escalators more safely and comfortably. Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte. Ltd. runs safety classes that incorporate rap and dancing, so that participants can enjoy learning how to ride elevators and escalators correctly.
In Japan, we have been running the “Estor-kun Theater” safety campaign for children since 1986. A total of around 210,000 people have participated at 1,700 locations, such as department stores, supermarkets, kindergartens, daycare centers , and apartment buildings.

Running Safer Ridership Classes

Supporting the Training
of Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are important partners that help people with visual disabilities to walk around. But there are still not enough guide dogs for all the visually-impaired people who need them. Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd. has been supporting guide dog training since 1993, through a campaign of donations to organizations which assist visually-impaired people.
We also donate to projects such as the creation of Braille or recorded books for visually-impaired people.

Supporting the Training of Guide Dogs

Assisting Underprivileged Children
in the Philippines

Hitachi Elevator Philippines Corporation has been working to support less-fortunate children in the Philippines.
They organized a Christmas event in partnership with “The Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc.” (CJFI), which operates facilities to protect children in the Philippines.
A total of 140 children participated in this event, and were joined by 50 volunteering employees.
The volunteers packed school supplies and other goodies into hand-crafted Hitachi Bags and handed them out to children, and also donated grocery items and electrical appliances to the organization.
We prepared an exciting program of enjoyable songs and dances, making these Christmas gifts that delighted all the kids.
We also donated pamphlets about how to use elevators and escalators safely, and presented games and video clips to raise awareness of safety for the proper use of elevators and escalators.
The event was featured on TV and in other media.
Hitachi Elevator Philippines Corporation and the employee-volunteers are looking forward to more volunteer activities, and to supporting Hitachi’s efforts towards creating a sustainable society.

Assisting Underprivileged Children in the Philippines