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Asia Training Center

The Asia Training Center improves engineers’ skills for installation and maintenance of Hitachi elevators and escalators as well as for safety management in Asia, the Middle East, and the UK.
We are raising the level of our work in each of these regions and providing safety and quality, which Hitachi values above all, more reliably than ever.

Outline of Asia Training Center

Date of opening January 25, 2017
Location Chonburi Province, Thailand
Structure Steel construction, 7 stories above ground
Building area 864m²
Total floor area 3,785m²

Hitachi’s Global Education System and
the Role of Asia Training Center (ATC) 

The Asia Training Center was established as a base for developing engineers for core roles.
From among the engineers who have undergone basic education provided by Group companies in Asia, the Middle East and the UK, ATC provides mid-level training to those staff who will become key personnel in the engineering departments of their companies.

The Global Education System and the Position of ATC


Main Educational Content at ATC

Models that are manufactured in Thailand and China for the Asia region are installed as real machines for training use, so students can learn real working procedures and practical skills for installation, and maintenance. We also concentrate on safety education. For example, in the safety training room, which is based on the concept of raising safety awareness through physical sensation, we provide guidance on the hazards which lurk in the workplace, and the importance of safety equipment to guard against them. Since the spread of COVID-19, we also deliver education remotely through classes and lectures.

Facilities Introduction: [Training Area]

image image
Elevator training area
image image
Escalator training area
Entrance hall

As of March 2022

Facilities Introduction: [Classroom]

Prayer room
image image
Training room
Trainer room
image image
Safety training room

As of March 2022