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Quality cultivated around 100 years in Japan

Hitachi elevators boast a history of around 100 years. In addition to Japan, we have also continued to support vertical transportation in cities that are experiencing more and more high-rise buildings in accordance with their economic growth, in mainly China, India, the Middle East and other Asian nations. Evidence of the high levels of quality we provide is available in the fact that our elevators have been chosen for landmark buildings in many countries. The manufacturing concepts which Hitachi has cultivated for many years in such areas as safety, security, and environmental consideration, are embedded in all of its products, from the world’s fastest elevators through to residential elevators.


We have a full line-up of elevators with wide-ranging performance levels and specifications, from residential elevators installed in private residences through to machine-room elevators and machine-room-less elevators for various applications including for offices, and high-speed, high-capacity elevators for high-rise buildings. We can also customize designs and functions in alignment with the purpose of the buildings, such as for condominiums, offices, factories, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, etc.

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Now let’s look at our delivery records of elevators and escalators. Our elevators and escalators, with wide-ranging varieties of performance and specifications, are hard at work in the cities of many countries.

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