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Escalator & Moving Side Walk

Safe for the Elderly and for People with Children

In the current rush to make cities barrier-free, escalators and moving sidewalks are indispensable forms of transportation for different situations in commercial facilities, railway stations, airports, etc. In addition to our quest for obtaining universal designs for escalators, Hitachi has achieved efficient operations with no wasted energy by detecting people’s movement as they board and alight, as well as periods of congestion. We will continue to further expand these activities.


We supply escalators equipped with high levels of design performance in such areas as step width and handrail lighting, etc., in alignment with a wide range of building objectives. They also include user-friendly levels of safety and environmentally conscious levels of energy saving. Horizontal and inclined moving sidewalks are available to cater to all installation environments.

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Now let’s look at our delivery records of elevators and escalators. Our elevators and escalators, with wide-ranging varieties of performance and specifications, are hard at work in the cities of many countries.

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