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Group Control Elevator System

We’d Hate to Keep You Waiting

Hitachi has developed a control algorithm to reduce the amount of time people are kept waiting for elevators. The system predicts the hours that the elevator will be used most and arranges the cars accordingly, making it seem as if they knew you were about to arrive. Responding to elevator demand that fluctuates in accordance with the time of day, Hitachi is aiming at a transportation environment that will satisfy as many users as possible.


Our FIBEE destination floor reservation system sends elevator cars to priority floors that receive the heaviest congestion during morning peak hours, etc., by learning from daily elevator usage data. And our FI Series group control systems coordinate multiple cars together to achieve well-balanced car allocation, in consideration of wait time.

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Now let’s look at our delivery records of elevators and escalators. Our elevators and escalators, with wide-ranging varieties of performance and specifications, are hard at work in the cities of many countries.

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