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To Ensure that Facilities Can Always be Used in Comfort

Maintenance performed by experts is a vital factor in ensuring that facilities can be used safely, securely, and in comfort. Hitachi has cultivated its advanced maintenance technologies in Japan where quality standards are very strict, and shares them with its training centers in China and Thailand in order to train proficient engineers on site. This ensures that engineers with expert skills are able to provide customers with optimal maintenance in alignment with the operational status of each and every elevator and escalator while making the most effective use of voluminous maintenance data and the latest maintenance tools. In this way, we can provide services based on a thorough knowledge of our products in a way that only Hitachi is capable of.


Implementing the appropriate measures before problems arise to maintain quality allows us to provide safe, secure and comfortable environments. And, in the event of malfunctions, engineers in the nearest service center will respond immediately to ensure that they are repaired as swiftly as possible. 

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Now let’s look at our delivery records of elevators and escalators. Our elevators and escalators, with wide-ranging varieties of performance and specifications, are hard at work in the cities of many countries.

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