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We have a history of over 60 years supplying fermentors and fermentation plants. Please inquire with us about construction of pharmaceutical plants using microbial fermentation or cell culture. We can help improve productivity through optimization of fermentors by actual fluid culture testing and simulations. We also support our customers' initiatives to strengthen GMP compliance. We support our customers with reliable technology and the strongest delivery track record in Japan.

Case Introduction

Photograph: Culture plant

What is a biopharmaceutical plant?

There are two main types of processes used to manufacture pharmaceuticals: chemical synthesis, based on chemical reactions, and bioprocessing based on the ability of microorganisms and cells to produce useful substances. Antibiotics are one representative category of pharmaceutical product produced using the bioprocessing. In recent years, the spotlight has been on antibiotics produced using animal cells.
New methods for producing influenza vaccine can produce large quantities of vaccine more efficiently, compared with conventional methods using poultry eggs. Currently, the bioprocessing is the only production method in use for making drugs as molecularly complex as proteins or viruses, with low levels of side effects. We are working to develop the most up-to-date culture technology, to meet our customers' needs in all areas of bioprocessing pharmaceutical production.

Image: Pharmaceutical manufacturing process using cell cultures
Pharmaceuticals manufacturing process using cell culture

Fields of application

We can provide an EPC package combining engineering, procurement, construction, and validation are possible.

  • Vaccine manufacturing facilities (cell culture, genetic recombinant culture)
  • Antibody pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility (cell culture)
  • Anticancer drugs, thrombolytic drugs
  • Drugs for lifestyle-related diseases (cholesterol treatments, etc.)
  • Immunosuppressant drugs
  • Antibiotics, others
  • Integrated manufacturing process, including fermentation, puriffication, and pharmaceutical manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing facilities for investigational drugs, commercial production facilities