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Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

To achieve the goal of sustainable procurement, Hitachi released the revised Hitachi Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines in July 2021. The guidelines are a communication tool informing procurement partners about Hitachi Group initiatives.They describe Hitachi policies and initiatives related to sustainability, and specify points that also require compliance by procurement partners.

For details, please refer to Hitachi Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines.

1. Hitachi Group Policies and Initiatives

A)Hitachi Group Corporate-wide Policies

B)Hitachi Group Procurement Policies

C)Hitachi Group Procurement Initiatives

Hitachi regards sustainability in its value chains as crucial. In dealing with its procurement partners, Hitachi commits itself to procurement activities based on its policies and codes of conduct.

To share our sustainable procurement policies, we have distributed the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines to roughly 30,000 procurement partners.

We continually request our procurement partners to comply with the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines, and explain the contents through sustainable procurement sessions.

For the latest information and other details concerning Hitachi Group's sustainability, please visit the following website.

2.Hitachi Group Procurement Partner Code of Conduct


B)Health and Safety


D)Business Ethics

E)Management System

F)Product Quality and Safety

G)Prevention of Personal and Confidential Information Leakage