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Energy's Production Technologies & Services for Sustainable Future

We support the stable supply of energy with highly reliable manufacturing and services, contributing to nuclear energy businesses that pave the way to the world's future.

photo: Hokuriku Electric Power Company Shika Nuclear Power Plant
Hokuriku Electric Power Company Shika Nuclear Power Plant

In pursuit of nuclear power generation equipment that combines enhanced reliability and safety, we operate through an integrated structure of responsibility that goes from the planning and design of nuclear power systems to the manufacturing of key equipment, power plant construction, and the repair and maintenance of operating plants. The companies of the Hitachi Group work together in each business field of nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel and the nuclear fuel cycle to provide high-quality products and services globally. In addition, we strive to further improve on the technologies and economics of light-water nuclear reactors, which account for the bulk of nuclear power generation, and are also engaged in research and development with the aim of commercializing small- and medium-sized reactors, fast breeder reactors and nuclear fusion.

The Hitachi Group is committed to supporting every aspect of nuclear power generation with minimal impact on the environment through reliable manufacturing demonstrating our collective strength.
Hitachi does everything for the good of the earth.