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Maintenance support solutions

Improved efficiency and accuracy of maintenance work through consolidation of inspection tasks for nuclear power plants and work support


  • Higher work efficiency through coordinated display of information and inspection procedures
  • Prevention of human error by displaying operating procedures step-by-step
  • Prevention of errors and misrecognition by applying IC tags to work management logs, etc.
  • Support for information sharing for the coordination of tasks across multiple areas
  • Simplification of work history searches through management of traceability

Utilization scene

RFID application solutions

The systems enables tracking number of people in the plant, where they are, and ascertaining their safety during an emergency in order to bring to bear resources needed when there is a roll-call for evacuation or rescue activity.


  • Movements can be tracked simply by installing antennas and by having personnel carry tags
  • Individuals can be identified simply their by passing through control points
  • In an emergency, particular individuals can be identified and their safety automatically ascertained