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Hitachi offers mission-critical information control systems that support important infrastructure,
contributing to the achievement of a more comfortable and more convenient society and
the finding of solutions for social issues as represented by the UN SDGs.

A first for Japanese industry! Omika Works selected as a Lighthouse (i.e., one of world's most advanced factories)
Omika Works: Supporting social infrastructure

Since its foundation, Omika Works has been providing information control systems that support electric power, railways, and other critical social infrastructure. Committed to ensuring safety and reliability and to supporting long-term operation, Omika Works is a comprehensive system factory possessing an integrated support system for hardware and software that covers everything from design and development, manufacturing, and system testing to post-delivery operations and maintenance. In recognition of its use of digital solutions, such as on-site OT/IT-collaborative production that leverages IoT and data analysis, to optimize the value chain across the entire factory, Omika Works was selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a Lighthouse—meaning that Omika Works represents one of the world's most-advanced factories.

* Lighthouse refers to acting as a "beacon" for industry. As of November 2020, 54 factories around the world have been selected.

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Combining experience and solid expertise as accumulated at various infrastructural sites with advanced IT, Hitachi provides information control systems that support safe, secure, and comfortable social infrastructure over an extensive range of fields, including railways, electric power, water supply and sewerage, and industry.

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