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Analysis service for electric power systems

Hitachi's analysis service for electric power systems is a PC-driven service that predicts and reproduces electrical accidents and phenomena that can occur in electric power systems. The service assesses countermeasures and means of prevention and preservation, which are then proposed to the customer.

Do you have any of these concerns?

  • Management

    • I don't want important equipment to stop when there's power outage!
    • I plan to install new equipment. Will the new system be able to supply stable power?
  • Equipment operation

    • When I tried to resume operations after a long break, operations wouldn't resume correctly. What happened?
    • What kind of operation patterns are appropriate when equipment is being inspected?
  • Equipment management

    • Is there any way to verify the operation of equipment before we install it?
    • Could we get our new equipment up and running a little sooner?

Achieve the effective operation of electric power systems that is resistant to problems

Three kinds of know-how offered by Hitachi's analysis service for electric power systems

Advanced and wide-ranging technological ability

With a proven track record performing systems analysis in Japan and overseas, Hitachi proposes and performs analysis according to customer needs, and discusses the results with the customer.

Knowledge and experience regarding equipment design, tolerances, etc.

Based on its knowledge and experience as a manufacturer of equipment for power generation, transmission, and distribution, Hitachi can make the right decisions based on the results of systems analysis.

User perspective

From experience cultivated over many years with energy providers and customers inside and outside Japan, Hitachi can make appropriate suggestions to customers on what to assess and offer considerable insight with respect to the outcome of system analysis.

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