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Electric Power System Protection & Control System

We make full use of digital technology to cope with
increasingly large and complex electric power systems.

Hitachi provides wide variety of solutions for electric power system protection and control utilizing advanced and highly reliable digital technology in combination with latest IT technology.
We also provide DC power transmission facilities that utilize power electronics for power transmission and distribution, and system stabilization equipment that stabilizes voltage in the power systems.
We offer high reliability and high performance leading-edge protection systems and also monitoring and control systems incorporating intelligent control.

Electricity, which is used in every facet of daily life, is indispensable for society.

We take the lead in providing power transmission and distribution systems by utilizing our established technologies, which were fostered based on our tradition, and also the latest digital technology.
We provide value from various aspects in order to supply stable power at all times.

image:Electric Powr Systems

Power system analysis technology supporting smart grid solution

Hitachi strongly supports electronic power system by excellent power system analysis technology.


Nov. 29, 2016
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