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Energy IT x OT Solutions Site

Energy IT x OT Solutions

『 Increasing Resilience 』『 Decarbonization 』『 Accelerate Digitization 』

Hitachi Energy IT×OT for Sustainable Energy by Lumada

Comfortable lives supported by energy. Various challenges need to be overcome for maintaining them.

  • Increasing resilience to maintain safety and stable supply; e.g. An appropriate countermeasure for the aging facilities and disaster recovery.
  • Decarbonization to preserve the environment, e.g. The utilization of renewable energy.
  • Accelerating digitization of the electric power system operation to achieve new level of fine control.

To tackle these challenges, Catching up the latest energy policy and emerging technologies in Japan and other part of the world. The outcome will be provided as new solutions combining advanced IT, high-level OT and highly reliable products through co-creation with customers.

Leveraging "Lumada"(*) for energy solution to tackle issues to achieve operational streamlining and widening, information utilization and decarbonization, and aim to achieve an eco-friendly and sustainable society.

The collective term representing Hitachi’s solutions and services that utilize advanced digital technologies to accelerate digital transformation (DX).

Footprints in Japan and rest of the world

For many years, relevant technologies, insights, and know-how by engaging in demonstration projects in Japan and the rest of the world has been accumulated in Energy Information Control solutions.

Furthermore, One Hitachi total energy solutions are going to be provided to contribute realizing better society in the world as the achievement of social innovation.

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Oct.11, 2021
Oct.11, 2021
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Hitachi Energy IT×OT for Sustainable Energy by Lumada

Hitachi Energy IT×OT for Sustainable Energy
by Lumada

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