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Electric Power System Protection and Control System

Hitachi strongly supports electronic power system by excellent power system analysis technology.

Conceptual diagram of transmission grid

The transmission system has various phenomena depending on each part. Given the installation of renewable energy in large quantities in the future, the phenomena may become more complicated. It becomes important to analyze in advance phenomena that are caused in the grid by the installation of the equipment. Hitachi has grid analysis technologies which help the building of a more effective and stronger smart grid.


Selection of analysis method

Analysis method is selected depending on the scale, phenomena, time of analysis object or consideration step.



Analysis tool

1. RMS(Root Mean Square value) calculation

TSAP(Hitachi original program)
It calculates power flow, transient and dynamic stability, voltage stability analysis, shaft torsional analysis of generator and Analysis of DC equipment.

Linking with MATLAB, it considers measures against various system defects efficiently.

Use GUI for creating model data linking with MATLAB.

2. Momentary value calculation

GUI rule named ATP-Draw is prepared for model data creation.

Membership system. GUI rule named EMTWORKS is prepared for model data creation.

It is excellent in GUI for model data creation and suitable for analysis for large model and power electronic devices.

It can analyze power system and control block by adding option to the basic program.

3. Simulator

Factory simulator (Analog simulator)
It is composed of mainly simulated transmission equipment and can perform experiment by connecting testing devices.

RTDS(Digital simulator)
It is excellent in GUI and easy to handle.

HVDC : High Voltage Direct Current
BTB : Back To Back
IGBT : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
STATCOM : STATic Synchronous COMpensator
GUI : Graphical User Interface
PSS : Power System Stabilizer
I/O : Input/Output
SSC : System Srabilizing Controller
ELD : Economic Load Dispatching
SVC : Static Var Compensator
AVR : Automatic Voltage Regulator

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