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Analyze personal features, quickly narrow down the target persons, and track them! (2/2)

The solution for fast person identification and tracking (IVSearch) leverages AI image analysis to refine monitoring operations and help improve efficiency


Reducing the monitoring workload and improving work efficiency

Solution for Fast Person Identification and Tracking (IVSearch)

This solution quickly identifies and tracks specific persons by using AI (artificial intelligence) that has learned the features of the persons recorded in footage from surveillance or other cameras.


Using AI image analysis provides society with safety and peace of mind

The demand for surveillance cameras has been increasing in recent years due to increased security awareness. However, it is unrealistic to rely on visual checking of massive amounts of video data to find and track specific persons, such as suspects or lost children. Such manual checking requires considerable time and expense.

That’s where the solution for fast person identification and tracking (IVSearch) comes in. This solution offers the following three functionalities, which are used to analyze personal features, search camera footage for a specific person, and track that person.

Functionality for searches

  • Functionality for AI image analysis
    This functionality performs real‑time analysis of physical and appearance features (for example, hairstyles, types and colors of clothes, and types of bags) of persons recorded in videos, and then stores information about more than 100 personal features in a database. By using the descriptions of witnesses regarding a person of interest, you can search the videos for that specific person even in cases where no one saw that person’s face.
  • Functionality for fast identification of persons
    With the help of the functionality for AI image analysis, you can search the database for persons who have the physical or appearance features described by witnesses, and you can narrow down the possible persons to those who look similar to the person of interest. As search keys, you can use an image of the person’s whole body or face. The search will finish in a few seconds even if the surveillance camera footage contains tens of thousands of persons.

Functionality for tracking

  • Functionality for tracking persons
    This functionality analyzes the timestamps and the locations of the surveillance cameras that captured the person of interest and then arranges the videos in chronological order on a map. Because the map displays the route travelled by that person, you can find out when and where that person was present. This functionality provides easy‑to‑understand visual information, so you can easily track a person of interest.

Example of applying the solution

The following describes a case example of a large public facility that introduced the solution for fast person identification and tracking (IVSearch). This solution enabled the facility to quickly identify target persons and track them by using surveillance camera footage.

Formerly, to find a specific person, staff members at this public facility had to visually check the videos recorded by surveillance cameras. There were approximately 2,000 surveillance cameras installed in various locations, so finding and tracking a specific person required a considerable amount of time.
After introducing the solution for fast person identification and tracking (IVSearch), the customer gained the following benefits:

  • They could quickly identify a specific person based on witness descriptions of that person.
    Thanks to the AI‑based search functionality, the customer was able to find specific persons quickly, because they could analyze videos recorded by numerous surveillance cameras and then detect, in a few seconds, persons who had the features described by witnesses.
  • They could predict the route traveled by a specific person and track that person, based on information about the locations of surveillance cameras.
    The customer was able to quickly search the footage from multiple surveillance cameras near the travel route and thereby track a specific person, which enabled them to identify where the person was in real time. They were also able to search multiple buildings for the person and track them, because this solution can manage all the videos from surveillance cameras installed in multiple buildings.

Outlook for the future

We expect to combine the solution for fast person identification and tracking (IVSearch) with the incident detection solution* and thereby contribute to enhanced security.
The incident detection solution performs AI image analysis of people’s postures. If a person performs unusual movements, enters a prohibited area, or leaves their belongings behind for a long time, the system detects such behavior and classifies it as abnormal, suspicious, or hazardous. If such behavior is detected, the incident panel displays an alert. This prevents users from overlooking any such incident and reduces the workload related to monitoring.
By connecting these solutions, we expect to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents occurring in public facilities, which require complex and diverse solutions. In this way, our solutions will contribute to safety and peace of mind in society.


For details on our solution, see the following webpages.

Solution for fast person identification and tracking
Where is that person of interest (for example, a lost child or a suspect) right now? Within seconds, you can locate the person in security camera footage. This solution is provided in Japan.
Development of image‑analysis technology with AI for real‑time people-detection and tracking
“Development of AI video analysis solutions supporting a safe and secure society” was awarded “The 52nd Japan Industrial Technology Awards, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award” sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.


Using image analysis to quickly find and track a person
If a child is lost or a shopper leaves their bag at a shopping center or an event venue, staff members at the shopping center or the event venue can utilize the footage from surveillance cameras and identify the persons involved in the incident. By utilizing an AI that has learned the physical and appearance features of persons, the staff members can analyze the footage from surveillance cameras and narrow down the possible persons to those who have the features described by the witnesses of the incident. This helps reduce workloads on the persons checking the footage and contributes to the early resolution of problems.
Solution for fast person identification and tracking (IVSearch)
By using information about personal features as search keys, this solution enables you to search videos for a specific person and then track that person. We expect this solution will be combined with various other security solutions, thereby contributing to enhanced security. For example, we expect this solution to contribute to a decrease in the risk of occurrences of incidents and accidents, which are becoming more complicated and diverse.
Is there a large amount of data that is left unused at your workplace?
Is there any workplace in your organization where data is generated every day (for example, a place visited by numerous people and where surveillance cameras are installed)?
You can unlock the true potential of your data and create new value through data collection and analysis.

Key points of this article

  • The solution reduces workloads on persons monitoring and improves the efficiency of monitoring operations.
  • Information about personal features can be used for AI analysis of camera footage.
  • You can quickly identify persons of interest and track them.

For example:

Hitachi offers AI technology that analyzes surveillance camera footage, identifies target persons, and tracks them. This technology can also be applied to business areas other than security‑related businesses.
As an example of use, a company could analyze videos from a shopping center, identify the personal features of shoppers, and collect various types of information (for example, how the number of shoppers changes depending on the weather or seasonal events). This helps the company to examine and implement the right marketing strategies.

The service (or solution) specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to reasons such as continual improvements.