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Featured customer case

Creating models based on the business mechanisms used to resolve issues in advance case examples as well as the methods used to implement the necessary digital solutions.

Reproducing the Entire Supply Chain in Cyberspace to Optimize Product Inventory and Distribution Sites

Utilizing Expert Knowledge to Support Better Human-Resource Evaluations!

Improving the Operational Efficiency and Service Quality of Contact Centers Through Speech Recognition and Integration with FAQ Systems

Collecting and analyzing the Voice of the Customer (VoC) from social media and questionnaires, and leveraging the feedback for corporate activities

Supporting reactor-decommissioning work by autonomous robots that use worksite data

Ensuring consistent product quality and improving productivity by work-video analysis and data visualization of the results

Using an Effective Approach with Overall Optimization to Speed Up Factory Management

Supporting the creation of office buildings that will be selected in the new era!

Ascertaining the operating status of products to help achieve systems that never stop

Real-time monitoring to prevent productivity decreases in manufacturing lines

Using demand forecasting to streamline product ordering operations!

Secure updating of in-vehicle software by using OTA technology

Facility congestion information is anonymized and provided to users

Predictions related to influenza epidemics up to four weeks in advance for each municipality