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Dialogue with the Chief Lumada Business Officer

Hitachi engages in social innovation through co-creation with customers and the use of digital technologies and Lumada. The Chief Lumada Business Officers (CLBOs) oversee Lumada businesses in each field. In the series of articles “Dialogue with the Chief Lumada Business Officer,” Yoshimitsu Kaji and Madoka Sawa sit down with the CLBO of each field to discuss the future of society and the new value that they hope to realize through Lumada.

Mobility in the new era:

With the spread of DX, Hitachi provides continuous, comprehensive DX support, starting from upstream processes

Interview with CEO Taniguchi of Hitachi Digital: “Digital is an Important Driver of Growth”

Hitachi’s initiatives in a drastically changing business environment

Resolving social issues by using technologies for observation, measurement, and analysis

Delivering new value for the buildings that support our cities

Hitachi’s goal of transforming social infrastructure through digital technologies

Following COP26, Hitachi becomes an impactful presence in the international community

Chief Lumada Business Officer Yoshinori Hosoya talks with digital transformation and strategy experts Yoshimitsu Kaji and Madoka Sawa!
Deep Dive into Hitachi’s Digital Transformation