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A future where value is created
continuously by connecting


A future where value is
created continuously by

We contribute solutions for various business and society issues by utilizing
cutting-edge network technology and immense domain knowledge and connecting
people, things and societies in a changing world.

AgilityRespond to
change quickly

Address changes in business environments of network carriers and providers by using the actual result of system building utilizing event-driven computing and cutting-edge technology processing vast amounts of data quickly.

business value

Support digital transformation and business value creation for various customers including network carriers and providers by high technology developed in the telecommunications industry.

sustainable society

Going beyond the borders, accelerate innovation by providing platforms and applications for sustainable business, society and environment.


For carriers and
businesses that utilize

  • Global Zero Trust Security Implementation Support

    Supporting the global Implementation of zero trust security system including concept formulation, requirement definition, design, building, testing and operation.

  • Hitachi Global Data Integration

    IoT service providing three key features: “Easy connection”, “Data gathering and visualization” and “Solution for social issues” depending on your business.

  • Hitachi Application Framework/Event Driven Computing

    An event-driven system development and application execution platform that performs distributed processing of large amounts of data at high-speed and is suitable for mission-critical systems and IoT.

  • Advanced Message Queue

    Uses in-memory data grid technology to achieve distributed management of in-memory queues across multiple servers and level out sudden peaks of traffic.

Cross-Industry Solutions

Together with diverse
we are working to
develop solutions that change
society beyond
the boundaries of
Energy, Mobility and Telecommunications.

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May 9, 2024