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October 15, 2015


Hitachi Establishes NEXPERIENCE for Accelerating Social Innovation Business

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Hitachi, Ltd., today announced the establishment of "NEXPERIENCE," a systematized process it has developed to facilitate the process of collaborative creation with customers. NEXPERIENCE is a collective term Hitachi will use for an approach to exploring and discovering business opportunities, creating business concepts and designing business models through in depth collaboration with customers. NEXPERIENCE uses systematized methodologies, tools, and spaces to foster the process of collaborative creation with customers.

This April, Hitachi's Research & Development Group launched its Global Center for Social Innovation to promote global, customer-driven R&D. The Global Center for Social Innovation in Tokyo (CSI-Tokyo) brought together designers and researchers specializing in service engineering to develop, integrate and deploy Hitachi's advanced IT expertise into collaborative creation methodologies and tools that were cultivated using Hitachi's unique service design.

As a result, NEXPERIENCE, a systematized customer collaborative creation process with unique methodologies, tools, and spaces, was established. NEXPERIENCE will contribute to developing new business by promoting value-added discussion and ideas in workshops that will be the cornerstone for conducting collaborative creation and designing business solutions with customers.

Simulation results using the AI technology developed on productivity
NEXPERIENCE customer collaborative creation process

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