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November 12, 2015


Hitachi and Tohoku University Develop Basic Technology of High Thermally Durable All-Solid-State Lithium Ion Battery

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Hitachi, Ltd. and Tohoku University's Advanced Institute for Material Research(AIMR) have developed a basic technology to reduce the internal resistance of the all-solid-state lithium ion battery (Li-ion battery) using a complex hydride as a solid electrolyte. The reduction of internal resistance improves the charge-discharge performance of the all-solid-state Li-ion battery, resulting in the batteries (capacity: 2 mAh) successfully operating at temperatures as high as 150℃ with a discharge capacity of 90% of theoretical value. This technology is significant as it allows the thermally durable Li-ion battery to be used in a wider variety of applications, such as large-scale industrial machines with motors, and medical machines which need to be heated for autoclave sterilization. Since this technology does not require the cooling system common in conventional Li-ion batteries. It is expected to lead to further developments compact battery systems and reduce the overall costs.

Schematic illustration of lithim ion battery

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