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March 13, 2017


Data access specification "Moving Features Access" promoting speedy and advanced cross-sector utilization of location data adopted as an OGC international standard

Release Digest

Image of cross-sector use of location data by standardization

Hitachi, the University of Tokyo, and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology today announced that location data access specification "Moving Features Access" which they had jointly proposed has been adopted as an OGC standard. Moving Features Access specifies operations to swiftly and cross-sectorally access, process, and analyze location big data of moving objects such as people and vehicles.

While ISO has already standardized a specification to access location data of moving objects by specifying times, OGC Moving Features Access standardizes a specification to access data by specifying places as well as times. For example, OGC Moving Features Access makes it possible to retrieve location data of moving objects that passed through a certain area at a certain time after a disaster happened; therefore, location-based applications can cross-sectorally collect the location data on density and flow of people and vehicles fast and more efficiently through unified interfaces. As the result, the speed and accuracy of planning evacuation guidance and goods transportation can be improved to take into account the level of damage. In addition, OGC Moving Feature Access will allow urban planning to mitigate traffic congestion and improve the convenience and quality of civic life.

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