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Corporate InformationResearch & Development

Research AreaDigital Technology

Creating value from data to accelerate
digital innovation

Hitachi is contributing to the expansion of social innovation business through R&D
on digital technologies such as data science, media processing, AI, service computing,
and computing architecture to achieve safety and support efficient societal infrastructure.

Technology Platform

  • Data Science

    We are harnessing advanced data and AI technologies to extract value from data, enabling solutions to a range of societal issues and contributing to social innovation business.

    Core technologies

    • Cyber-physical systems
    • Data engineering
    • Data management
  • Media Processing 

    Our media processing technologies for video, speech, and language processing are connecting the real world to cyberspace and expanding human activities to contribute to creating a safe, secure, and comfortable society.

    Core technologies

    • Video analysis
    • Spoken dialogue
    • Natural language processing
    • Machine learning platform
    • Video surveillance systems and factory-work analysis systems
  • AI

    Our aim is to realize a sustainable society with human-friendly AI where human dignity and diversity are respected, and everyone can attain happiness.

    Core technologies

    • Explainable AI - User-friendly
    • Highly dependable-physical AI - Citizen and society-friendly
    • Robot collaboration - Worker-friendly
    • AI portal - Developer-friendly
  • Services Computing

    Supporting servitization of solutions to a variety of industries, and service lifecycle management to create open innovation ecosystems.

    Core technologies

    • Service creation and design
    • Rapid solution development
    • AI for IT Operations (AIOps)
    • Service integration
  • Computing Architecture

    The volume of data that needs to be stored and processed has increased explosively with the progress of AI and big data analysis. We are enabling advanced data storage and computing to address this need.

    Core technologies

    • Flash storage
    • Software-defined storage
    • File/content storage
    • Brain-inspired computing