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June 21, 2018


Accelerating the Development of Data Scientists for Further Expansion of Digital Solutions

Release Digest

Hitachi today announced that it will be pursuing two initiatives globally for developing and strengthening data scientists at Hitachi Group companies, with the ability to provide digital solutions with OT × IT. One of the initiatives is the establishment of skills requirements for data scientists and associated training programs. Hitachi will also launch the Professional Community, in which top-class scientists and people in charge of actual business in various fields train and support each other.

Hitachi is creating these initiatives with an aim to increase the number of data scientists at Hitachi Group companies worldwide, which is 700 at present, to 3,000 by FY2021, and to further expand its digital solutions.

Moving forward, Hitachi will contribute to the development of more data scientists, which is a social issue, by sharing the skills requirements and training programs developed through these initiatives with its customers and partners and allowing them to make effective use of the requirements and programs.

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